Partner Registries

Procedure Data Collection Opportunities

Under agreement with the Society for Vascular Surgery®, the NVQI-QOD offers members the opportunity to collect procedure data on the Vascular Quality Initiative® Carotid Endarterectomy Registry™ and Carotid Artery Stent Registry™.

VQI Registries

How to Participate

To participate in these additional registries, you will need a separate contract with the Society for Vascular Surgery’s PSO. The NVQI-QOD Account Team can provide you with all the necessary information and answer your questions.

  • VQI® Carotid Endarterectomy™ Registry
  • VQI® Carotid Artery Stent™ Registry

The Carotid Artery Stent Registry also provides an opportunity to participate in the CREST2 Registry and the CREST2 Trial.

About the TCAR Surveillance Project (TSP)

The TCAR Surveillance Project (TSP) is an initiative of the Society for Vascular Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SVS PSO). The TSP is a surveillance registry designed to monitor the safety and effectiveness of transcarotid stents placed directly into the carotid artery while reversing blood flow within the carotid artery to reduce stroke risk. It will compare this less-invasive surgical procedure with standard carotid endarterectomy in centers that participate in the SVS Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI).

  • Obtain more data about real-world outcomes of TCAR in comparison with CEA as performed by centers participating in the VQI.
  • Serve as a repository for TCAR procedures and outcomes data to broaden the evidence base for TCAR.
  • Benchmark outcomes against other participants

TSP Participation

Hospitals and physicians participating in the TSP must enter their cases in the SVS VQI CAS Registry. Specific data fields in the web-based electronic data capture system are used to identify TCAR procedures. The VQI requires participating sites to submit claims data verifying that all cases have been submitted to the SVS VQI. The SVS PSO will audit the completeness of the data entered into the TSP and the follow-up will be monitored by the TSP steering committee.