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Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of NVQI-QOD is to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of neurovascular health care by collecting and exchanging information. Governed by the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery Patient Safety Organization (SNIS PSO), it consists of the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS), Neuropoint Alliance (NPA), and a cloud-based database managed by Fivos.

  • The SNIS PSO provides comparative data analysis and oversight of quality improvement activities for the NVQI-QOD.
  • The SNIS PSO takes direction from the NVQI-QOD Governing Council, which is comprised of representatives of the SNIS and NPA.
  • Fivos is the exclusive technology provider of the NVQI-QOD. The Fivos PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform provides real-time data capture and reporting capabilities.

There are two contracts, one with the SNIS PSO and one with Fivos for the Fivos PATHWAYS database management services. All contracting is facilitated through Fivos, and both agreements are required in order to participate in the NVQI-QOD.

The NVQI-QOD is positioned as leader in neurovascular quality improvement by providing a platform for members to analyze outcomes, determine best practices, and collaborate with peers on quality improvement efforts. The medical profession as a whole benefits by advancing the understanding of specific treatment options, ultimately benefiting neurovascular patients.

For an additional fee, Fivos provides integration of the general and demographic information from clinical systems into the Fivos PATHWAYS database.

There will be one contract per hospital or health system. Fees are calculated per institution based on the number of modules selected.

There are many benefits to participation, including real time data access and reporting, tracking of center performance over time, and benchmarking with peers.