NVQI-QOD members enter outcomes data through the secure web-based M2S PATHWAYS clinical registry platform.

The system accommodates multiple users per institution, so that physicians and data managers may both enter all detailed data. There are also options for data import of patient demographics and history to simplify data entry.

The following data is collected in NVQI-QOD through M2S PATHWAYS:

  • Patient demographics
  • Patient history
  • Procedure data
  • Post-op data
  • Follow-up data (via separate follow up form)

Key features in M2S PATHWAYS:

  • Flexible, real-time reporting and analytics for 100% of cases submitted
  • Physician-level variation and drill-down reporting
  • Cloud-based, SaaS platform offering 100% data capture with options for data integration
  • No software to install so no impact to IT departments
  • HIPAA compliant and Patient Safety Rule compliant for Patient Safety Organizations
  • Data import service available

To find out more about the M2S PATHWAYS platform and NVQI-QOD, please email

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