The NVQI-QOD is a collaborative between the SNIS, Neurpoint Alliance (NPA) and Fivos, through the use of a Patient Safety Organization. The registry plays a key role in helping to identify best practices and demonstrating a hospital’s dedication to improving patient care. Additionally, the NVQI-QOD Registry:

  • Is an effective and convenient way for physicians and hospitals to track procedures, peri-procedural in-hospital data, and clinical outcomes in patients.
  • Assists members in meeting the demands of regulatory agencies
  • Provides a mechanism for members to evaluate performance
  • Helps improve patient care by tracking procedures, complications, and outcomes for patients treated by surgery, endovascular therapy, or medical management
  • Allows assessment of device efficacy

Fivos provides the Fivos PATHWAYS web-based clinical platform, which includes analytics and reporting, as well as sales and marketing and technical support for the registry.

The SNIS Patient Safety Organization (PSO) directs the data sharing partnerships and patient safety initiatives of the NVQI-QOD, led by a governing council of representatives from the SNIS and NPA. The mission of the SNIS PSO is to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery by providing web-based collection, aggregation, and analysis of clinical data submitted in registry format for all patients undergoing neurointerventional surgery treatment.

Federal, regional and private medical insurance programs are placing quality patient outcomes at the forefront of hospital and individual physician assessment for stratification of reimbursement. As a result, many databases and metrics have been developed to assess and measure these outcomes.

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